Book Club 12
серия отчётных роликов
Monthly meetings for entrepreneurs and top managers who loves to read.
"For a long time, I wanted to create a place for entrepreneurs and executives. The place where they all can meet and share their knowledge and experience. The place where they can discuss and recommend good books that can help you to improve your business. One right thought can take your business and income to another level! But we live in a world where we have a lot of information and it's hard to find something really helpful.

I choose the most valuable for you. The most important 12 books of the year. I invite the most interesting guests. There are not typical speakers and talking heads, but real entrepreneurs and experts in their field!"

Pavel Annenkov
Founder of Book Club 12
"According to research, the average worker reads half of the book a year. This means, even reading 1 book a month, you will overtake most people by 20 times!"
About our meetings
Book Review
Pavel Annenkov will review 6 books and will bring to your attention only the best and most trusted business books.
Talking about the book of the month
Club members tell about their impressions about the book and what they use or will apply from what they read.
Guest performance
Every meeting we have interesting guests. Our guests are real entrepreneurs and experts in their field.
Questions and networking
We get to know each other better, communicate on topics of interest. We make useful contacts, make new friends and like-minded people.
The topic is selected from business or personal development.
About guest performance
Club members read 1-2 verified books on a given topic.
Real entrepreneurs and experts in the field of the topic of discussion of the meeting
# 1 - New topics
# 2 - New books
# 3 - New guests

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