next water
This is the first water in boxes in Russia.
water is extracted from natural
artesian sources. 100% organic
First step!
We took the project before the product was made. Even the design of the boxes was in the process. It helps us to influence on the style. We developed a brand book and a unique identity.
At our first steps, we decided to create a mysterious atmosphere and hide the packaging format.
Real person
We didn't want to create a simple brand-account to interact with the audience. We decided to make find a girl who would introduce our profile and share our values. So, we did a casting!
our production
Development of a content plan and company promotion strategy
Creating a design code
for all project products
Preparation and work on the set, castings. Development of the visual creatives for social networks
Work with potential audiences both on social networks and offline.
Making a commercial proposal.
A few days before the expected presentation of the product offline, we revealed the format and style of packaging
and one more thing.
We have developed our own formats for working with the audience.
We invented an idea for the TikTok series and wrote a full commercial script. Also, we created a series of educational videos for IGTV and YouTube, which have not been released yet.
We love our clients and we have other different projects.
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