Author's course from Dmitry Makarov
Effective Hotel
How to increase hotel operating profit, increase staff involvement and exceed guest expectations in conditions of limited resources
Practical course
Effective Store
For owners and managers of stores or retail chains.
For those who want to open a store or build their own business in retail.
Each course gives you not just the access to pre-recorded lessons. For a better educational process, we have prepared a lot of interactive stuff.
In-person meetings
Before starting the course, each student has the opportunity to attend a face-to-face meeting with teachers. Also, we will make meetings in the middle and at the end of the course.
Online lessons
Courses are divided into several blocks, and each block is divided into subtopics, so it will be easier to navigate in the material
After passing through each lesson, we envisioned webinars with their authors to answer possible questions and make sure that everything went perfectly
For each social network, we created individual videos just for better fit their formats and style
Weekly webinars with students to improve learning progress.

Advertising broadcasts for those who interested in taking the online course

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