New road show about traveling across Russia
Russians GO is a New roadshow in which presenters travel by car across Russia. We will experience all the delights of domestic tourism. Consider even the farthest regions of Russia, with one single goal: to show that traveling around our country by car is very exciting!
Meet our hosts!
Alexander Gorbachuk
Founder and ideological inspirer of the project
He loves to travel somewhere all the time. In summer he carries a folding bike in the trunk of his car, and in winter, skiing. He thinks that Russian cars as a "Lego" for adults and he's sure that they can be "pumped" endlessly. The best car is a diesel sports station wagon.
Chris Lloyd
Traveler from US
Chris moved to Russia from the United States almost 2 years ago. He likes to travel, is a supporter of hiking and hitchhiking. His dream is to visit the "Lermontov places" which described in books and share with the audience his impressions of country.
Olga Evliidi
Founder and Healthy lifestyle director
An extreme sports lover. A healthy lifestyle supporter. She doesn't have a sense of fear at all. She will show that you can easily eat healthy food even in travel. And Olga promises to test all the extreme forms of entertainment which will be in her way. Prefers a manual gearbox. Can drift on everything that has wheels.
First season: 12 episodes + 2 special series!
70 days
on the road
45 min.
duration of each episode
We will tell our viewers:
Travels - is a great way to change your life
You can be productive in remote work. Even while you in the road.
Driving a car on a trip is a real adventure!
Domestic tourism
We all love to travel! The road is life, it allows you to relax and think at the same time. Our hosts will experience for themselves and offer the audience the most interesting directions for traveling by car in Russia.
Traveling by car
Traveling by car is a small adventure.
We will use tents, fishing rods and sleeping bags
Communication with locals
In each city of our route, we will find interesting people and interview them. They will represent a local business, help us better know regions.
Exploring unusual places
We will show you non-touristic places. Our main goal is to introduce cities from the point of view of locals.
Different types of tourism
We will stop outdoors in nature, spend the nights in tents, swim in the rivers, and cook food at the fire. And when we get very tired, we will stay at hotels and resorts, and we will not forget about ski resorts.
Communication with people on social networks
During the filming of the project, we will blog about our trip. This will draw attention to the show a few months before its release and will add an element of interactivity. Wait for us and we will come to you!
about our route
In the first season, we will start from Moscow and go to the coast of the Caspian Sea, drive through the entire North Caucasus, and land in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory.

Asphalt, sea and mountains, Abrau Durso vineyards and interesting people - wait for us!
Contact the author of the project:
Phone: +7 910 800-80-80
Alexander Gorbachuk

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