What Star Premium Consulting is?
Premium strategic consulting for state budgetary and commercial organizations according to the SEAA® method
"We help major companies to audit and develop an implementation system of complex strategies and transformations"
Restoration, systematization and development of an outstanding Soviet and Russian management tradition and ability:

Achieve significant external victories and to hold the long-term championship in the global competitive environment.

As well as popularization and further transfer of this tradition and systematic practices to organizations and future generations developing countries.

The main result of STAR PREMIUM CONSULTING SEAA® - The TOP team will be able to independently and effectively manage the Strategy Execution sphere according to the SEAA® methodology and will make this sphere a long-term uncopyable advantage of your organization.
Star Premium Consulting® implements its own unique SEAA® methodology (Strategy Execution Alignment Approach) and practices only in the field of Strategy Execution helping clients to develop a system of confident accomplishment of any changing strategic goals and transformations.

Our NPS and NLS indexes are equal 100% at the moment.

Star Premium Consulting® is Number 1 and as of the beginning of 2020 remains the only Russian premium consulting company specializing only in the field of Strategy Execution with a deep understanding of the post-Soviet specifics and the specifics of developing economies.

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